Rowan County Accordius Lawsuit To Seek Improvements In Corporate Support For Front-line Staff And Residents



Wallace and Graham and Gugenheim Law team up to demand reform at The Citadel at Salisbury, a nursing home operated by Accordius Health 

April 28, 2020, Salisbury NC – Law firms in Salisbury and Raleigh have teamed up to file new claims, which can be viewed here, seeking to have a Judge review the practices at The Citadel Salisbury nursing home. Accordius Health, owned by the Portopiccolo private equity group in New Jersey, owns and operates a chain of 50-plus facilities. 

Acting on behalf of the caretakers of Marjorie Garvin, a resident at the Citadel, the Wallace and Graham law firm in Salisbury filed a claim on her behalf on April 21 in the Rowan County Superior Court. Sadly, we learned late yesterday that Margorie Garvin passed away. We are dismissing her complaint at this time to allow the family to grieve and to get her estate in order. Now, joining with Steve Gugenheim, of Gugenheim Law in Raleigh, a lawyer who has spent the last 20 years prosecuting claims of nursing home abuse and neglect, a new Complaint along with witness statements has been filed. The new claim focuses on seeking a comprehensive review of the facility’s policies. It asks the Court to review the practices of the troubled care facility in order to prevent further neglect. The current claim seeks only injunctive relief, and not monetary damages, in order to force compliance with regulations and North Carolina law. 

Speaking for Wallace and Graham, Mona Lisa Wallace said: “We felt we had no choice but to file this suit in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the elderly population and those dedicated to caring for them. The claim seeks to prevent the endangerment of the family members of residents and caregivers, our hospital workers, funeral directors and the community at large. We have received an overwhelming number of calls from families of residents, caregivers, employees and contractors. Their stories are heartbreaking. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them, and we will use our very best skills and talent to protect them and others in our community. We believe that the evidence confirms operational deficiencies on a massive scale, and we felt the most appropriate course of action was to seek Court intervention and request injunctive relief.” 

Speaking for the Gugenheim firm, Steve Gugenheim stated: “Our primary focus at this time is to fight for the health and safety of The Citadel’s residents and to ensure that The Citadel is operated in accordance with North Carolina law and follows the guidelines recommended by the CDC. We recognize and appreciate that the nurses and aides working in the trenches are doing the best they possibly can with the resources made available to them. Our goal is to ensure that the corporate owners of this for-profit nursing home provide The Citadel staff with appropriate personal protective equipment, ensure they are appropriately trained in COVID-19 pursuant to state and CDC guidelines, ensure there are sufficient staff in place to meet the care needs of the residents, ensure the facility maintains transparency and family members are timely and properly informed about the health condition of their loved ones, and ensure that The Citadel complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We are concerned, based on sworn statements by multiple current and former employees, residents, and family members of residents, that the current management has not and is not taking appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of residents and staff. We believe that Court intervention is necessary to ensure that management is adequately meeting the health and safety needs of its residents and staff in accordance with North Carolina law, rules and regulations.”


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