Update: Ethanol Spill and Evacuation -- Tanker Spills Ethanol – impact of spill on local residents and the environment is still unknown


Tanker Spills Ethanol – impact of spill on local residents and the environment is still unknown

Residents that had been evacuated from homes in Mt. Pleasant, near the scene of an accident involving a tanker truck that rolled over spilling ethanol, were allowed to return home around 8:30 pm last night.

The evacuation was lifted after hazardous material crews were able to secure the accident scene and contain the immediate threat posed by the leaking ethanol, which is an extremely combustible fuel. It is not clear as to the amount of ethanol spilled from the tanker, but it took hazardous materials crews several hours to contain and off load the ethanol that did not escape from the tanker, before up righting it and removing it from the scenes. According to local news outlets, the driver of the truck will face charges related to the accident. [caption id="attachment_556" align="alignleft" width="300"] 2017 Bringle Ferry Tanker Crash and Spill Clean-up
Photo from Salisbury Post[/caption] The accident in Cabarrus County occurred just as Emergency Management and HAZMAT crews in neighboring Rowan County were cleaning up an ethanol spill that occurred near the Rowan / Davidson County line on Tuesday morning. The accident on Tuesday morning in Rowan county occurred on Bringle Ferry Road and is within a mile of where in 2015 a similar accident occurred, killing the tanker’s driver and spilling thousands of gallons of ethanol. The ethanol from that spill leaked from the truck, on to the roadway and surrounding properties, making its way into the water supply and caused damages to the environment, property, and lives of those living near the site of the accident and spill. The aftermath of the 2015 ethanol spill and subsequent cleanup continues for the property owners that were impacted by that accident. In an interview with WBTV following the most recent accident on Bringle Ferry Road, two of the residents displaced by the 2015 accident, Shelia Shepard and Jackie Huffman, described the heartache and hardships they have since experienced. They summed up the impact of the damages caused by a substance like ethanol is spilled saying, “Everything in your life changes… in just seconds.” As residents near the site of the ethanol spill in Cabarrus County are a wait to see how this spill will affect the environment, they can look to the property of Shelia Shepard. Today, over two years after the accident, she is still unable to return to the property her family has owned for decades. The property they worked so hard to acquire now sit vacant, scared by deeply dug ditches that were created in an effort to contain the spill, and well-water is contaminated by the ethanol that leeched into the water table supplying her home that she cannot use it. Currently, our law firm is representing Mrs. Shephard and others impacted by that crash. We hope to help them recover some of the losses they have experienced following the ethanol spill and the resulting contamination of the area. In addition, we would also like to ensure that those companies involved in the transportation of ethanol and other hazardous materials are being responsible in the transportation of such materials, and if not they are held accountable for any damages that their negligence has caused. [caption id="attachment_555" align="alignleft" width="300"] 2015 Bringle Ferry Ethanol Spill near the home of Shelia Shepherd
Photo from WBTV[/caption] If you have experienced a loss similar to Mrs. Shepard’s – due to the negligence of another – we may be able to assist you in the recovery of your losses. Our firm has over 30 year of experience protecting the rights of property owners and others whose lives have been forever changed due to the negligence of others. To speak with someone about your claims, please contact our office at 1-800-849-5291 To Watch WBTV’s coverage of the Ethonal Spills click here. To read the Salisbury Post story written by Josh Bergeron (click here to visit his twitter page) about the 2015 Bringle Ferry Road Accident click here

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