Foot Prints in Time


As I walk toward the sunset, dare I to look back for searching for My footsteps I left behind. Do they recall my efforts to please My fellow man? Dare I look ahead hoping God gives me a little more time to do his will. Giving me a chance to help a friend I know or somebody that needs help. My footprints of the past are important chores yet undone. Yes, I want to leave a thought, with the laughter on the faces of the children and smiles on the ones that are the same journey with me and they will acclaim yes, he was a legend in his own time As I walk toward the sunset if life I dare to look back over my foot prints and ponder have I done enough to venture further hoping I have left everyone enough memory to be called he was a legend in his time. Time striving to put smiles on the faces of the people he met. Written by a client of Wallace & Graham - Mr. Ford

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