Hidden Danger of Trampoline Parks


Indoor trampoline parks are a new trend that is exploding in popularity, but these parks can actually be very dangerous.  Experts have spoken out against trampoline parks on various issues that create hazards to consumers, from the lack of supervision to the position of trampolines flush against thinly-padded walls.

CBS News stated that in the past seven years at least six (6) people have died at trampoline parks. The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that almost 18,000 individuals ended up in emergency rooms in 2017 alone.  Injuries that can come from these parks can be life-threatening including fractured necks, fractured backs, and dislocated and open-fracture elbows. 

The problem lies in the design. Several trampolines are connected to steel chains or links under very thin padding. As people jump, they create waves of energy and as they move with that energy, when they make contact or receive contact from someone twice their weight, they can end up with crushed bones. Allowing adults and children to jump and do flips at the same time creates a risk of collision that can lead to injury or death.  Many injuries from these parks happen to adults, but children have also been a victim to trampoline park injuries. 

Injuries can also result from employee negligence including lack of supervision, poor training, lack of security, and faulty equipment. 

Despite recurrent injuries and deaths, trampoline parks operate with no federal oversight, and in most cases, you will have obstacles seeking compensation if you are injured. 

Upon coming to one of these parks, you are required to sign a waiver.  These companies have deliberately made it more difficult to hold them accountable for damages caused by their parks.  

Families come to these parks expecting it to be safe, not knowing that it is not safe at all. Families are putting their trust in these companies and signing a waiver not knowing the dangers that arise. 

Our firm is actively working to investigate these companies and the harm that is caused by these parks.  We have experience in handling these claims and know the unexpected and serious harms that befall upon unsuspecting families.

If you or a loved one have been injured after visiting a trampoline park, please feel free to give our office a call at 800.849.5291 for a free consultation or email us at cs@wallacegraham.com.  

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