In the News: Homes in Concord evacuated due to ethanol spill – the 2nd spill of the hazardous material in the area today.


News of Ethanol Spill / Evacuation in Cabarrus County
There has been an evacuation of homes near the scene of a tanker spill in the Cabarrus County community of Concord.
Some residents in Concord have been evacuated from their homes, and have no idea when they will be able to return. The evacuation occurred as following a crash that involved a tanker truck that was carrying ethanol. Officials have not said how much ethanol has spilled from the truck, but the tanker has the capacity to hold 8,000 gallons.
A statement was issued by the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office and Cabarrus County Emergency Management notified residents of the spill, and alerting them of the need to the need to evacuate their residence. The statement reads:
“Fire personnel are on the scene of an active fuel spill at the intersection of NC HWY 49 and Lentz Harness Shop Rd. For safety purposes, if you are receiving this call, you are within a half mile of this fuel spill. Fire personnel have asked to evacuate residents within a half mile of the spill. Please route AWAY from NC HWY 49 and Lentz Harness Shop Rd. If you do not have a location to go to, the Senior Center in Mt. Pleasant is our temporary shelter, the address is 8615 Park Dr. If you have any questions please call 704-920-3000.”
The spill and the notification to evacuate happen Tuesday afternoon while many people were still at work.
According to local news outlets, those impacted were notified of the evacuation by reverse 9-1-1 calls to their homes. It has not been made clear by officials how residence with cell phones will be contacted but did say that the evacuation would impact homes within a half mile radius of the spill.
This was the second ethanol spill in the area today. This morning officials in neighboring Rowan County responded to an ethanol spill on Bringle Ferry Road, near the Davidson County line. The truck, owned by Hot Z Transportation in Denton, over turned spilling several hundred gallons of the hazardous material. The driver of that tanker, David Griggs, which was uninjured in the crash, is now facing charges related to the accident. According to officials, the ethanol was contained to the right of way and did not reach the water supply.
The quick containment response from Rowan County emergency responders kept environmental damage from that spill to a minimum. They gained much of their experience with responding to tanker spills in almost the same spot in 2015 following the crash of a tanker that spilled thousands of gallon of ethanol and leading to the evacuation of several homes.
For many residents, the evacuation that followed the 2015 crash has not ended, and due to contamination from the spill, they have not been able to return to their homes.
The damage from the contamination that property owners near the scene of the Bringle Ferry accident have been dealing with may now be the same ones faced by those near the tanker spill in Concord.

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