Hydrogen Sulfide Injuries and Deaths Are A Workplace Concern In The Hog and Poultry Industry


Hydrogen sulfide injuries and deaths are becoming a significant environmental and workplace concern, especially for those employed in the hog and poultry industry.  Within the past month alone there have been at least four deaths due to hydrogen sulfide exposure on hog farms.  For example, on July 2nd, a father and son in Wisconsin were killed on there hog farm when they both became overwhelmed with the hydrogen sulfide and other gases created by the hog waste. (Source:  http://www.jsonline.com/News/wisconsin/2-wisconsin-men-die-after-falling-into-manure-pit-b99532179z1-311646871.html ).

Unfortunately, this happened again.  Another father and son were killed on July 25 on their Iowa hog farm after being exposed in a very similar manner.  (Source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/07/29/father-son-lose-lives-to-manure-pit-deadly-gases/?intcmp=hpbt4 ).

Wallace & Graham represents individuals who have been harmed by exposure to hydrogen sulfide, such as the wife and two young children of a 26-year-old Smithfield Foods employee who was killed after being exposed to hydrogen sulfide while working on a tanker truck that was filled with hog manure at Smithfield's hog-processing plant in Clinton, North Carolina.  If you or someone you know has concerns about exposure to hydrogen sulfide, please contact Wallace & Graham for a free and confidential consultation.

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