Medical Payments Coverage


Optional Insurance Coverage

Medical payments coverage or “MedPay” as it is commonly referred to, is an optional insurance coverage purchased through your own automobile liability insurance policy. Under this coverage, the insurer agrees to pay all reasonable expenses incurred for necessary medical services caused by an auto accident. MedPay covers the insured and any other person occupying a vehicle at the time of an accident. MedPay allows an individual to quickly receive medical treatment without worrying about who was at fault for the accident. Under this policy, you are entitled to coverage regardless of fault. However, MedPay does not cover pain and suffering, scarring, permanent disability, or lost wages.

MedPay coverage is sold in varying amounts and policy limits are selected by the insured at the time the policy is purchased. The policy limit is the maximum amount money that they will pay per person. The policy limits are typically anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

You are not required to purchase MedPay coverage in North Carolina. The coverage is only supplemental coverage you can purchase on your policy. The charge for this coverage is fairly minimal compared to the benefit you receive if you are in an auto accident. We highly recommend that everyone purchase the maximum amount of MedPay coverage that their budget will allow.

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