Mrs. Wallace Receives Prestigious Award


The N.C. Justice Center has honored attorney Mona Lisa Wallace with the prestigious Defenders of Justice Award for her work spanning more than three decades fighting for NC workers. For more than 30 years, Mona's work has focused on worker and consumer rights issues, addressing consumer protection and fraudulent sales practices and loans. Mona Lisa Wallace represents North Carolinians who have been victim to unsafe workplace conditions, consumer right violations, and predatory lenders who trap low and middle class families in unscrupulous loans. Fighting for working people became the theme of her career. Her primary accomplishment has been in the representation of employees, retirees, and their family members who suffer from work-related accidents, cancers, and other diseases. Mona Lisa is currently embroiled in significant environmental litigation in eastern North Carolina, in cases primarily involving minority communities exposed to terrible living conditions due to nearby industrialized hog farms.

Mona Wallace, Occupational Disease / Toxic Chemical Exposures, Work-Related Injuries

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