Over 35 Years Representing Personal Injury Clients in North Carolina

Our Principles

Over 30 years ago, Mona Lisa Wallace founded a law firm in her small hometown of Salisbury, North Carolina.  She ventured to start a law firm where she could represent her clients the way they deserved to be represented Ė with drive, passion, and heart.  Putting her clients first, and fighting hard for them when no one else would, is the foundation of Wallace & Graham.

Our Success

Over the years, Mona Lisa and partner Bill Graham have added over 70 qualified attorneys, paralegals, and staff to Wallace & Graham who share their passion for the clients.  By doing the right thing, client after client, year after year, Wallace & Graham has developed a reputation for fighting for working people.  Our firm is known for defending employees who suffer from work-related injuries, diseases, and cancers and have difficulty navigating the complexities of the civil justice and workersí compensation systems.  We have successfully represented thousands of workers who tragically developed mesothelioma, diseases, and other cancers as a result of their exposure to asbestos during their employment.  We have helped thousands injured by other drivers due to no fault of their own.  We are proud of our work on behalf of retirees who lost their pension and retirement benefits and our work on behalf of consumers injured by unsafe products or harmed by fraudulent lending practices.  Most recently, Wallace & Graham is embroiled in an environmental justice case in eastern North Carolina, where we allege residents have been exposed to untenable living conditions due to nearby industrialized hog farms (CAFOs).

Our Promise

We recognize that if you are contacting our firm, you are going through a difficult time in your life.  We canít always make that wrong right again.  We canít bring back a loved one you lost to cancer, or bring back the full use of your hands.  We canít erase the period in your life where you had trouble supporting your family.  But we can promise you this.  Our firm will stay true to its roots.  We will represent each client with drive, passion, and heart.  We will be honest with you.  We will earn your trust.  But most of all, we promise, to always care. 

Mona Wallace

Mona Lisa Wallace, Partner

Bill Graham

William M. Graham, Partner